Pastel Tips Tutorial

The term “Pastel  Painting” is a popular oxymoron used by the art world.  I often wondered “How can a pastel drawing also painting?”

I got my answer from the video 10 Pastel Tips posted by the Virtual Art Instructor.  The application of the pastels – the process of layering and mixing colors –  is considered painting with pastels.   The painting is in the process not the materials used. Got it!

If you have about 8 minutes, watch this tutorial of 10 helpful tips to improve your “painting” with pastels.


  • CONSIDER THE SURFACE:  I haven’t purchased pastel paper yet.  Using some leftover watercolor paper for a more textured surface.  Love the amount of layers I can apply.

Wilmars picnic_2017 - Card

  • BLEND AND UNBLEND:  OMG! I can be a blending fool – smoothing out every mark. I experimented with this tip in this picnic scene.  I’ve blended sky, flowers and cloth. But left the layered marks on the basket and grass unblended.
  • STAY LOOSE AND WORK QUICKLY:  This tip helped me to start loose at the beginning of the drawing just to get the  the color on the paper.
  • BE PATIENT:  It is OK just not to rush to try to finish in one sitting, just let the art develop.  I can always return to it later.
  • FIXATIVE IS OPTIONAL: I’m now spraying fixative midway in the process before adding details.  Afterwards I don’t feel compelled to spray a final coat.  OK, maybe a spritz or two just to be safe.



Artist at Work: Ester Lipscomb


Ceramicist Ester Lipscomb’s contemporary pieces were featured in a previous post. However she is also noted for her functional work. Here’s a video of Ester demonstrating use of a potter’s wheel at the Mark of the Potter in Clarksville Georgia.  Her website lists the weekend dates for upcoming events at the shop.   Just in case you find yourself in northeast Georgia….

Thanks to Matt Cardoza for posting this video on YouTube. (Time: 2:46)




Working Artists: Fiber Art

Today’s fiber artists have transformed humble utilitarian textile crafts – knitting, quilting, crocheting- into an elevated art form.  Enjoy this 5 minute video produced by Brenau University (Gainesville, Georgia) featuring the amazing fiber work by women artists.



Textile Art Credit: Belisle

Art Kids: Manga Artist Lilly Cernak 1

Still trying to understand the surging popularity of Manga art among teens?  Here is the first of a two-part video interview with 17 year old Manga artist Lilly Cernak.  Produced by the crew at Blank Canvas and posted on-line by the folks at Ebru Channel.

Enjoy.  The second segment will feature Lilly working in her studio!

Video Length: 3:51

 Featured Image Credit: Mooney

Art Kids: Relief Printmaking

Looking to inspire older art students?  Share this short instructional video on printmaking.  Villa Duchesne High School students created original prints using linoleum blocks.  High school senior, Miss. Anderson, does an excellent job of narrating.  Enjoy!




Featured Image Credit: Davidson

Kids and Museums

The Museum of Arts and Sciences (Macon, Georgia) hosts an annual Emerging Artists exhibition that showcases 6 contemporary artists from the Southeast.  This video is from the 2015 exhibition. Listen to working artists explain why kids and museums are a natural fit!  Great video about the importance of art museums in communities.