Mr. Garden Guy

Dear Mr. Garden Guy,

If you are a little worried about these posted open letters to you, don’t worry its not you its me. In this blog’s GARDENING category,  I’m reflecting on all the sage advice you’ve given me over the last 30 years.  No, you are not just one individual but a composite of helpful gardeners, naturalists and earth mothers.

You are the retired guys who has the best gardens in the neighborhood – sharing heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, collards and okra.  Thanks Steve and Lee!  You are the country wise women who can point out “polk salad” hiding among a field of weeds and based on the time of year, can determined if it is still edible or poisonous.  You are valued Vera and Ethel!



You are natural history curators who pass on purchasing a replica of a cow skull when its so much easier to let the fire ants clean up a carcass gifted from a farmer.  Awesome Susan!  Or patiently explain to a patron why rat snakes are more helpful alive than dead.  We miss you Seaborn!

You are the Audubon and the Peterson Field Guides.  You are the Master Gardeners; the local farmers!   You are the gardening blogger who share real content.  Thanks for taking the time.

Thanks to you all for the cherished advice!



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