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Making Time for Art

“Mmm…I see you have a little arts and crafts corner.  Must be nice.”  Brother observed.

I’d been crocheting  granny squares while watching television in the living room.  Yarn, hooks and a growing afghan had engulfed my writing desk and were spilling over onto the coffee table.  I frowned at the mess in the living room – embarrassed and annoyed at my brother’s quip.

My Small Art Studio

Then I thought “Maybe he’s right.  Maybe I do have an “arts and crafts corner.” I’ve miss making art.  Especially drawing and painting.  The years of museum work, teaching and caregiving left very little time for me to do studio work.  Now I have an opportunity to return to my roots as a trained artist.  I embrace Brother’s quirky comment.

Yet I questioned the practicality of such a set up.  Until I read this post by Lori McNee – Creating Art in Small Studios.  Sorting though various art supplies I had on hand – ink, paints, pencils, charcoal, pastels, paper and small canvases – to stock a small studio in my living room.

If you’ve been following ArtReach at Home for sometime, you know that it was truly a personal blog that explored Southernisms.  As described in my old About page “Some stories are funny, others sad and some so crazy that you just can’t make this stuff up.”  I often wrote about family and my struggles to adjust to being a traditional housewife.

Please continue following this blog. I still have a quirky family and I’m still adjusting.  At times you’ll see posts about Claire the Cat, gardening or a fond family memory.  However the focus is now on art.  Its long overdue.

What is the passion you have put aside?  Are you ready to take it up again?



Hi! I'm Denise Massey - the funny face behind ArtReach at Home. My past: museum curator, art teacher and consultant. Today: a blogger sharing creativity and personal stories about life in the South.

4 thoughts on “Making Time for Art

  1. I think that corner of your room is absolutely charming and amazingly neat! (You should see the bomb site that my family share.) Incidentally, is that a real parakeet on your desk or a model? If the latter, it looks very realistic! 🙂

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