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Why Buy Ugly?

Reblogged from The Thrifty Gourmand.  Anthony Wyatt post combating society’s fear of ugly food.

Loved the post.  But WHOA Mr. Wyatt. Slow your roll!  I see certain benefits to my grocery shopping experience because of this foodie fear.

  • No more jostling elderly retirees at the bargain bin of  misshaped, undersized, overripe produce.
  • No longer waiting until closing time at the farmer’s market to purchase discounted baskets of bruised peaches that the farmer dude couldn’t “give away because they looked so bad.”
  • More smooshed bread, dented cans, crushed boxes and fresh meats missing their unnatural “pink” glow.

All priced to move because society’s phobia of ugly food.   Works for me and my budget.

Enjoy the read!

The Thrifty Gourmand

According to National Geographic, about one-third of all global food production goes to waste. Even more staggering, nearly two-thirds of that waste is caused neither by drought, poor refrigeration nor insects, but rather results from the way the food looks. That means that “an estimated six billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are wasted every year in the U.S. because they are ugly” (Huffington Post).

While many restaurants repurpose so-called ugly food in order to cut cost and minimize waste in the kitchen and while certain grocery stores and organizations have programs to sell and promote ugly food, the solution to the problem lies primarily with the consumer (Think Progress).

According to the produce manager at my local Whole Foods Market, team members can’t display ugly items, a common practice among nearly all grocery stores. Any fruit or vegetable with a bruise, a scratch or…

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