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Out of the Cornfield

“Lower your voice girl.  We ain’t in no cornfield.”

Meaning: Speak softly.  Not loudly.

My big brother Glen often scolded me about my voice level.  Like most children, whenever I encountered something new I let out a loud shrill of excited dialog.  Here’s a sample, compliments of Cartoon Network.

So Glen would shush me and remind me about our current geographic location.  No cornfield in sight.

The problem:  As a 5 year old city kid, I didn’t know much about cornfields.  I’d never been in one.   Frankly, I’m still uncertain about proper cornfield etiquette.  But if I ever find myself in one I’m going to run around yelling my brother’s name at the top of my lungs:

“Glen!  I’m in a cornfield!  I’m in a cornfield! Glen!  Glen!  Weee!!”

Then with 50+ years of hushed giggles I’m going to laugh so long, loud and hard that I’ll pee!

Note to Self: Get away  before the farmer shows up with the sheriff.

 Cornfield: Stawek


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