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Play? How Do I Do That?

Originally posted on That Little Voice. A great read to help rekindle your childlike sense of joy.

Boy Swinging Photo Credit: Robinson

that little voice

I know very little about playfulness, and I think it is because there are no grandchildren running around my house.

Kids, especially the ones removed from our constant supervision, open us to play. They know how to have fun without planning or structure. They are hardwired to explore,swings 6 discover, create, laugh, cry, run, experiment, question. And they drag us along with them as they make up rules, find new paths, seek answers, and delight in unexpected results.

They don’t know there might be correct ways to do things, or final answers that are wanted. They simply allow their minds and bodies to meander, accepting swings 10whatever comes along.

Recently I read a book suggesting we take an hour each week to play, by ourselves…just play. The author believed that this ‘play time’ would get our artistic juices perculating and help us be more crreative.

I failed this assignment. Try as I…

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