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Mid Life Crisis

Originally posted on Humor Columnist Blog. Great list from Sheila Moss about the facts of middle age. If you prefer to take a nap before reading her post – “here’s your sign.” And have a good laugh!

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Humor Columnist Blog


Middle age is when you first suspect your body of betrayal..

Middle age is when everyone else suddenly becomes younger.

Middle age is when you refuse a senior discount because you’re not old enough.

Middle age is when you’d rather take a nap than go out on the town.

Middle age is when you realize there’s not much time left to worry about getting old.

Middle age is when you’ve already seen more than you want to — several times.

Middle age is when the opposite sex doesn’t seem quite as sexy anymore.

Middle age is when you notice how small the fine print is.

Middle age is when you’ve done it all, but can’t remember if you had fun doing it.

Middle age is when you get a sneaking suspicion that you might be mortal too.

Middle age is when it seems like there’s a lot more to remember…

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