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More Conversations with Claire


My friends think it must be great fun having a talking cat.  Sure!  I mostly enjoy our conversations.  Yes its all fun and games until…

Its time for a feline pedicure at the pet mega mart – the place where I found her.  Claire is a rescue cat.  Because of her age and antisocial behavior with other cats Claire was difficult to adopt out.   This pet mega mart holds unpleasant memories for her.

And there we enter.

“Me-NOow?   Me-NOOow!  Me-NOOOow!!”

Her protests echo throughout the spacious store where pets are always welcome.  People stare.  Dogs glare accusingly.  I look straight ahead to the Groomer’s counter, avoiding eye contact with a poodle.   “Me-NOow!”  We check in.  But we’ll have to wait. “Me-NOOow!”  And we wait.  “Me-NOOOow!”  And we wait some more.  “Me-NOOOOow!”

FI Alin Williams Williams

“Calm down Claire.  I’m not going to leave you here.  Besides if anyone takes you they’ll bring you bring you right back to me.”


“Because you are a drama queen.”

“Me-WHYow?  Me-WHYow?”

 People are beginning to listen in to our conversation.  “I’m not talking to you anymore.  Calm down and be quiet.” 

She does neither.

Inside the Groomer’s there is a tug of war between Claire and the young assistant.  Claire is winning.

“C’mon little girl settle down.”  Pleads the Groomer.


“Because we’ve got to get those back nails of yours.”

“Me-WHHYow?  Me-WHHHHYow?”

“Because you can’t leave here with only your front nails clipped!”

Oh my!  Claire had drawn the poor woman into the madness.  Eventually all nails were trimmed.

To lessen the stress for both of us, we’ve changed Groomers.  Now I take her to the small veterinarian practice that sponsored her adoption.  Happy memories for a little orange tabby.

Claire: Just where she wants to be!

And there we enter.

“Me-HELLOow!  Me-HELLOow!”

“Well its Claire Bear!  How you’ve been girl?”  Cat spoken here.



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    1. Thanks Anna for your comment. My 89 year old Momma used to say about Claire “I’ve never seen a cat like that.” I wish I knew Claire’s backstory. Oh the things that she must have seen!


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