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Conversations With Claire

Here’s a quiz for you.  Answer True or False.

  1. Only lonely old ladies respond to their cat’s random meows.
  2. All cats are stealthy, quiet creatures.
  3. An elephant never forgets but a cat’s tiny brain can’t remember squat.

Answered “True” to any?  You are probably not a cat owner.  Or you have a traumatized pet elephant.  Sorry about that.  But one thing for sure, you are not the proud owner of the orange tabby named Claire Bear.

I am.

So lets tackle the first two myths and save the third for another post.  My husband and I inherited Claire from Momma.  Claire was a rescue cat we adopted from the local pet mega mart. Rather than being a quiet kitty, Claire’s gift of gab is one of her charms.  My husband and I often carry on humorous conversations with her.  Its all fun and games until its 3:36am and a persistent cat has a question.

Bump!  Bump!  Bump goes her head against our bedroom door.  “Claire I know that’s you.  You’d better stop knocking on that door.” I  snarl quietly.

“Me-WHYow?”  She whispers through the crack under the door.

“Because its 3:36am and I need to sleep.”

Claire the Cat Napping Like a Boss!



“Because I got to get up in 2 hours.”


“Because I have to get an early start to make my 9:00am appointment.”


Silence.  Really?  Really??  Why am I explaining myself to a cat at 3:36 in the morning?

“Me-THEREow?”  Bump, bump, bump…

“Me-THEREow?”  Bump, bump, bump…

Giving in, her human Billy drags himself into the kitchen and feeds her.

Blessed silence.
















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