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Chicken Know How

In the South, there are 2 foregone conclusions when dining with friends (1) fried chicken will be on the menu and (2) if there is no menu, fried chicken will be on the menu.

Folks in my hometown eat fried chicken as if its consumption is a birthright.  So when a man can not get his chicken dinner at the local Food Lion, something is terribly wrong.  It was the height of the Great Recession.  I’d stopped in the store to pick up a few items for dinner.  It was to be a quick stop but the man ahead of me at the counter was having a problem.

“Excuse me ma’am. You just rung up the wrong price.”  He protested loudly to the cashier.  The customer had the look of an exhausted laborer.  The days toil had taken a toll on him and he leaned wearily on the buggy.

“No sir.  That’s the correct price.” She replied not so patiently.  It evidently had been a long day for her too.

“Well that’s not what your sign says back there.”  He pointed toward the poultry section, justifiably annoyed at the discrepancy.

A manager was called over to intervene.  It was explained that the cost for the fried chicken was higher than the raw whole fryer.  In addition Georgia sales tax is higher on prepared foods.  Looking to save money?  Buy unprocessed items.

“I can’t pay that price for this chicken and have enough gas money for my truck.  How I’m gonna get home?  If I have to, I’ll just leave your chicken here.  Right here on your counter!”

Then out of desperation the customer tried to strike a deal with the manager.  Afterall it was the grocer’s fault not having clear signage.  The manager respectfully disagreed.

The chicken was left on the counter.

I often wondered why didn’t my fellow customer simply buy the uncooked chicken for the lesser price.  Perhaps he didn’t know how to cut up a whole Fryer. Tackling a chicken can be intimidating.  My husband taught me how and I still rather roast the bird whole!   Nevertheless its good to know how to prepare a bird.

So don’t be that guy!  Here’s how its done:

Thanks to Bradley Thibodeau for posting on YouTube

Chicken Image Credit: Takemoto


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