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The Truth About Chickens

A chicken ain’t nothin’ but a bird.

Definition: Celebrated personages are just plain folks.  Don’t make a big deal about them.

This saying was popular in my South during the early twentieth century.  At that time it was common to keep chickens even in city limits.  Preferring egg production over roasted or fried, the chicken was rarely eaten.   A Sunday supper or having “company” over quickly raised the chicken to celebrity status.  Guests swooned over this lowly yard bird now served with fan-fare as the main course.  Earlier it was scratching the dust for bugs and devouring kitchen waste with grateful enthusiasm.  Just being a bird.  Want proof? Watch this video from Species Confusion blog.


So remember this-

When the world discovers its most amazing prodigy in decades.

A chicken ain’t nothing but a bird.

When the super-star is overexposed on every relevant media outlet.

FI Niels Boegh
Chicken Talk: Boegh


A chicken ain’t nothing but a bird.

When the paparazzi simply will not leave him alone. His every movement becoming an event.  His words of notoriety blaze a viral trail across the ‘net.

A chicken ain’t  nothing but a bird.

When his humanity is eventually uncovered by some shocking scandal or thoughtless speech.  When the world turns on it’s fallen star – stripping bare and devouring flesh.

Be kind.  He was just a common bird all along.






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