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Doctor Who?

Originally posted on Fine Art for All blog.  The actor who plays Van Gogh did an excellent job. His subtle range of emotions as he listens to the Curator praising his work and humanity is truly touching! I think most artists would be so moved.  Please visit Fine Art For All blog to get the link to see the video.



I love Doctor Who “Vincent and the Doctor” episode; I believe they (the writers and Ton Curran) captured Van Gogh’s gentle and loving soul perfectly.  This scene makes me emotional every time I watch it!:  DoctorWhoVanGogh

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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who?

  1. I absolute love this episode! Being a huge fan of Van Gogh myself, i always find it disturbing how most the press describe him as a mad, ornery and depressed man. If you really look at his paintings you are able to see his soul: full of colors, vibrant, gentle, loving, sweet, passionate yet calming and approachable. And in this episode they captured that perfectly.

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    1. I’m so glad you posted this clip on your blog Juliana! I agree with you about Van Gogh’s complexities. It helps to look at his work with an open mind and heart.


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