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Clementine Hunter, Louisiana Artist

Thanks Louise Canfield for this great post about one of the South’s best known African American artists Clementine Hunter. Hunter worked hard all her life. Her joy was in making art. Art still refreshes the spirit! Visit Real Southern, Real Women blog to read more.



Possibly Louisiana’s most famous artist,  Clementine Hunter was Cotton Pickingborn in 1886 at Hidden Hill Plantation and spent most of her life at nearby Melrose Plantation  in the  Cane River region in Louisiana owned  by John and Carmelite (“Miss Cammie”) Henry  She worked as a field hand and was proud she could pick 250 pounds  a day  (a single cotton boll weighs about 0.15 oz).  She  bore seven children and on the morning before giving birth to one of them, picked 78 pounds of cotton.

In middle age, Miss Cammie brought Clementine into the Big House to cook and clean. There  she met Alberta Kinsey, a New Orleans artist who inspired Clementine to  paint.  In her words, ”

“ the 1930s Alberta Kinsey came here…to paint and I had to

Melrose Plantation quilt, Clementine Hunter Melrose Plantation quilt, Clementine Hunter

clean up her room. She gave me some old tubes of paint to throw in the trash, but I didn’t pay…

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