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Goodbye Momma. I Love You. I’ll See You Later.

In the nursing home, this was our parting ritual:

I’d lean over Momma’s bed and gently kissed her on the forehead.

“Goodbye Momma.  I love you.  I’ll see you later.”

She’d smile, but her soft brown eyes looked worried –  “When?”

“Oh a couple of days.” This was my standard answer.    Although I visited her on  Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays,  Momma’s Alzheimer’s never allowed her to remember my visits.   My simple, ambiguous answer reassured her that she would never be forgotten. Always loved.

Then one day when we were parting she said, “Don’t say ‘a couple of days.’ Just say ‘see you later.’  That will keep me from missing you.”


“Goodbye Momma.  I love you.  I’ll see you later.”

That day, she didn’t ask when.  She simply said “Good.”

I stopped in her doorway and looked back one more time at her smiling face.

One.  Last.  Look.

“I love you Momma!”  I called back to her.

She smiled  “I love you too Baby.”

Miss. Daisy (February 22, 1926 – February 1, 2016)

Goodbye Momma.  I love you.  I’ll see you later.



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    1. Thank you Sheila for your kind words. Grieving is a difficult process. But its goal is healing. I believe sharing those precious memories with friends and family will help me in this journey. BTW my Momma was blessed with a great sense of humor. She would have loved reading your blog!


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