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Privacy Please!

“Don’t be puttin’ your bizness on the street!”

Miss Daisy’s Definition: Do not make public your personal affairs.

My very creation of this blog is a violation of this saying of Momma’s.  Not only am I putting my business on the street but my family’s and their little pets too!  No.  Miss. Daisy would not be pleased.  Or would she?

As Momma’s dementia continued to progress, she needed more help than we could provide at home.  Momma’s move into a nursing home took some adjusting for all of us.  However, she soon made friends among the staff and other residents.

It is among these friends that I often hear Momma breaking her own rule!


“Yeah, my oldest daughter looks like her father.  Just like she supposed to.  My youngest child looks like her father too.  But they are all my children.  I have 4 children – 2 singles and a set of twins.  Lost another set because I wouldn’t stop working.  Yeah, I wanted my children.  I took treatment to have them.  I wanted pretty babies so I would pick who I wanted to be their father.  Could have any man I wanted.  Didn’t think about how I was going to take care of those babies.  Just wanted my own family.  I sho’ was crazy….”

Daisy - Copy
Miss. Daisy’s younger crazy days. (born 1926)

Wow!  I would have never thought to discuss my mother’s intimate activities in public.  Oh well.  Don’t think it matters now.

Bizness ALL in the street!






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