Be Inspired to Create

Welcome to my studio on the web.  Granted – its much bigger than the one in the corner of my living room!  I am on a quest to rediscover my personal artistic approach. Follow me to get your creative juices going!  This is what you will find here-

  • ART TUTORIALS:  Short tutorial videos from around the web.  I only post tips I have used.
  • BLOG:  Art Videos, Art History and Exhibition Reviews.
  • WORKING ARTISTS: Works by today’s visual artists and craftsmen. Heavy focus on art life in Southern U.S.

Here’s a sneak peak of BLOG and WORKING ARTISTS:


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The next two Tabs are more personal.

  • SKETCHES: Sharing my artwork online with notations.

    Sketchbook work using Yarka Watercolors
  • SOUTHERNISIMS: The HOME portion of this site is a personal blog containing quirky stories from Middle Georgia. They are among my followers’ favorite posts.  Navigate through the Topics sidebar.

Here’s a few  Southernisms. Enter title of post into the Search Bar to read more.


Writers. Creatives.  Artists.  Stick around for ideas to inspire!