Be Inspired to Create

Welcome to my studio on the web.  Granted – its much bigger than the one in the corner of my living room!  I am on a quest to rediscover my personal artistic approach. Follow me to get your creative juices going!  This is what you will find here-

  • BLOG:  Art Videos, Art History,  Exhibition Reviews, Art Projects.  Some content is for younger artists.
  • WORKING ARTISTS: Works by today’s visual artists and craftsmen. Heavy focus on art life in Southern U.S.

Here’s a sneak peak of these two Tabs:

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The next two Tabs are more personal.

  • SKETCHES: My online sketchbook and notes. Currently I’m exploring the sketch as an independent art form. Visit ARTREACH’S online stores to view many of the materials used in my home studio.

    Sketchbook work using Yarka Watercolors
  • SOUTHERNISIMS: The HOME portion of this site is a personal blog containing quirky stories from Middle Georgia. They are among my followers’ favorite posts.  Navigate through the Topics sidebar.

Here’s a few  Southernisms. Enter title of post into the Search Bar to read more.

Writers. Creatives.  Artists.  Stick around for ideas to inspire!